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Themis Law Chambers, founded in 2005, has a team comprising qualified legal professionals and a large compliment of support staff to attend to all of your legal needs. We ensure that our clients are offered tailor made services at highly competitive rates.

Offices of Themis Commercial Legal Advisors (Pty) Ltd and Hayes Inc

Both Hayes Incorporated and Themis Commercial Legal Advisors (Pty) Ltd, were founded in 2005 by Judi Hayes, Suma de Bruyn and Jeanelize Fitzgerald. Riaan Meintjes joined the team in 2011 as head of the litigation department of Hayes Incorporated and Daniel Bresler was appointed as financial director of Themis in 2014.

Themis Law

Themis consists of a team of expert commercial legal consultants.


Themis Commercial Legal Advisors (Pty) Ltd specialises in commercial law including the drafting of a wide spectrum of commercial agreements, advising on commercial matters and company structures, attending to trust registration and amendments and incorporates our company secretarial department to attend to all of the practicalities behind the restructuring and incorporation of legal entities.

Themis Law

Hayes specialises in commercial litigation and conveyancing.


Hayes Incorporated comprises dynamic litigation and conveyancing departments. The litigation department attends to all litigation needs focusing on commercial litigation, labour law, insolvency law and administration law while the conveyancing department has years of experience in all matters conveyancing with a dedicated team to ensure the most efficient service. Hayes incorporated also attends to the drafting of wills, deceased estate administration and preparation of ante-nuptial contracts and has two in house notaries.

Both businesses have grown significantly since opening their doors over 10 years ago and the Hayes and Themis teams now jointly comprise over 15 qualified professionals and a large support team, including independent consultants.

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